Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Let Me Entertain Myself

I started blogging in 2002. I intentionally acquired this long URL to make it forgettable; I didn't want people reading this stuff.

It was a silly writing project since I was always online because of our newly-acquired cable broadband.

I was 22.

A few years ago, I took down all my posts because I felt I had nothing more to say. It was also the time when social networks started popping left and right and didn't want the inevitable awkwardness if someone I personally know recognizes my posts.
"Louis, why is your bare chest posted on this website?"*


I also felt detached to the 2002-2005 version of me.

I am now 30.

I think I should start saying something again.

*I was reading my archive and I posted something about getting a '79' tattooed on my chest. I photoshopped it.

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